Awamori AR Label

see em why k x 第37代泡盛の女王 コラボレーション企画『AR泡盛ボトル』、デザインを担当させて頂きました。


~稀縁 Kien~ 伝統で繋がる人と人の縁

第37代泡盛の女王 比嘉柚稀さん


~香巡 Kaen~ 泡盛から伝える”うとぅいむち“の心

第37代泡盛の女王 前泊選香さん


~美宴 Bien~ 泡盛を囲みながら仲間と過ごす賑やかな時間

第37代泡盛の女王 稲福美咲さん


I designed the AR Awamori Bottle collaboration with the 37th Queen of Awamori. I conducted interviews with each of the three queens to capture their feelings and incorporated them into the label designs.

  • Kien: Connecting People with Tradition - Yuzuki Higa -

Hoping the connections between people will be passed down for generations. To embody this wish, I incorporated a pattern inspired by the traditional Okinawan design, Minser.

  • Kaen: Sharing the Spirit of 'Utouimu'Design - Erika Maedomari -

The design features Mizuhiki, reminiscent of gift-giving, and the design of Sangwa, a charm from Okinawa. These elements symbolize 'tying' the emotions and connections between people.

  • Bien: Celebrating Vibrant Gatherings with Awamori - Misaki Inafuku -

Envisioning a lively and colorful gathering where people would want to dance. The design features vibrant colors and incorporates arabesque patterns, commonly found in Okinawan pottery, symbolizing vitality and prosperity.



The label is augmented reality (AR) enabled, and when you scan the QR code, the pattern on the label comes to life, accompanied by music. The music playing is the sound of the sanshin, played by Queen Yuzuki. In addition to details about awamori, the label displays awamori quizzes and drinking methods. The concept behind developing this was to utilize AR to convey the charm of awamori even more effectively, with the idea of allowing visitors to Okinawa to 'take Okinawa home' along with awamori.