Package Manipulation

Adobe Illustrator, Styrofoam tray, Cereal, Paper.

I designed a packaging like a cereal box for a Broccoli and in opposite, placed cereals in a tray like the way vegetables are sold at the market. This juxtaposition depicts how the food industry encourages us to consume foods that are more profitable for them but rather unhealthy for consumers.Michael Pollan had said in his documentary (IN DEFENSE OF FOOD), “The healthy foods are quiet, so buy the quiet foods in the market. Don't buy the products with more than five ingredients, or any ingredients you can't easily pronounce”. What he meant by that was, for example, vegetables do not have fancy packagings with giant list of ingredients. On the other hand, foods that are at the center aisle, where normally processed foods are placed, are in boxes and bags decorated with flashy marketing phrases, but contains a list of ingredients that you can't easily pronounce. Cereal boxes are great examples of "noisy" food. They often claim things like "Great source of fiber!", "Tons of Vitamin B!", "Helps lower cholesterol". However, Broccoli has 7 times more Vitamin C than a glass of Orange Juice (commonly known as ‘great source of Vitamin C’), 10 times more fiber than a bowl of Cheerios, and a lot of more nuturitions - Vitamin A, vitamin B6, B12, vitamin K, magnesium, iron... the list goes on. Food for thought: One that has the most, speaks the least.