Kishimoto seika Okinawa candies





I designed the candy box packaging for Kishimoto Seika.

Kishimoto Seika is a long-established candy factory in Okinawa founded in 1955. It is run by Keiji Kishimoto, who is 90 years old, and his wife and daughter. I picked up one of their products at a random roadside station and fell in love with its simple and gentle taste. So I contacted them, and one thing led to another, which resulted in this collaboration.

Since these candies have been popular in Okinawa for many years, when distributing candy samples, we often get comments like, "Oh, this has that nostalgic taste! I didn't know it comes in a fancy package nowadays; I'm taking these as souvenirs." From tourists, we get comments like, "Wow, these look cute!" And when they read the back side, they say, "Wow, I didn't know," and bring them to the cash register.

Because the product is already high quality and has a great story behind it, this collaboration made it even better!

Thank you! ❤️