Shizen Sweets Logo Design

Kamon inspired logo

First draft | 第一案目

Julia from Shizen Sweets reached out to me and told me that she was looking for someone to design a Kamon style logo for her sweets brand (and said she likes my design - Thank you so much!)

After several back and forth, I've extracted her desires and some ideas for the logo:

  • Something that represents her brand (she usually uses nature as inspiration for her sweets with Wabi Sabi aesthetics; she is a student of Urasenke chado, so practice baking in alignment with chado)
  • She is a mental health therapist (no wonder her sweets look so therapeutic!)
  • She loves Japanese culture and studied in Japan for a while. Her favorite wagashi is Mitarashi dango and sakura mochi.
  • As a therapist, she often discusses the importance of 'being in the moment or 'Ichi-go-Ichi-e' in chado. With the sweets she makes, she wants to spread that feeling of contentment to others and remember the joy of the moment during their busy lives or troubles. That it does not have to be complicated, but through a simple cup of tea or sweet, there is happiness.
  • Rather than elaborate, fancy desserts, she prefers to make something that is more 'like home' and warm while still different.

オーストラリアのメルボルンにあるShizen SweetsのJuliaより家紋風のロゴデザインをして欲しいと依頼がありました。やりとりを重ね、ざっと彼女の要望をまとめると:

  • ブランドイメージが伝わるもの(スイーツには自然のモチーフが用いられ、侘び寂びを意識したものが多い。裏千家の茶道を学んでいるので茶道にあった和菓子づくりを心がけている)
  • 実はJuliaはメンタルヘルスセラピスト(なるほど、だから彼女の作るスイーツは癒されるのかー)
  • 日本の文化が好きで、日本での留学経験を持つ。好きな和菓子はみたらし団子と桜餅!
  • セラピストとして、『その瞬間を生きる』ことの重要性や、茶道でいう『一期一会』といった言葉を大切にしていて、
  • 派手で豪華でデザートではなく、アットホームな雰囲気のスイーツ


12番はみたらし団子と桜餅のアイコンに加え、家紋における’水’を表現した線を追加し、水の流れで侘び寂びを表現しました。またShizen SweetsのSにも見えるようになっています。

Sweets Kamon x Sahohime hanko

1, 2

In kamon design, there's a design called "hiyoku-mon" (or can be called 'pair-mon', 'futatsu-mon', 'narabe-mon'), which is to use 2 kamons to show the relationships of 2 people (Kamon is a family's crest, so when people are married, there are usually 2 kamons).
To incorporate both sweets and a flower, I used hiyokumon. I think the sahohime kamon and sakuramochi kamon play well together.
It's very subtle but the shape of sakura-mochi kamon is oval, not the perfect circle, to add a natural/wabi-sabi vibe to it (Traditional kamon designs usually use perfect circles, if not polygons).




Used a sahohime icon like a hanko stamp.



Taking ideas from the hanko idea, I played with the motifs and turned it into something like "hanga" art. Mokuhanga (woodblock print) originated from China and prospered in Japan, as a way to commodify art, as you see the Ukiyo-e from Hokusai, Hiroshige, Sharaku, etc.
Though this one may not look like a kamon logo, it could be fun to use each motif like hanko and make some variations.




Square shaped sahohime hanko is placed at the bottom - many Japanese traditional brands still use squared hanko to seal and guarantee its quality. This design homages that tradition.



There's a saying, "Hana yori dango," or sweets over flowers. It portrays someone who goes to ohanami (flower viewing) and focuses on eating instead of enjoying the scenery - the saying is used when someone values practicality and not so much of the 'vibe' (natural environment). In the modern context, I think both are important, and I place them side by side to show that my client’s sweets are not only visually marvelous but also taste fantastic.



Another playful one. I used three motifs (Kuchinashi/Cape Jasmine, Sahohime, and Sakuramochi), and made it look like Nerikiri wagashi.


Final Logo

The client chose #3 from the picture above. These are the final logos with some variations.

Mock ups

Thank you❤️