Immersive Art Pop-up ”Digital Ohanami” at MIT

As I began researching immersive art and name the project “AMUSEUM”, I decided to throw a pop-up show and experience what it takes to create an immersive art space. 
This is also a part of my thesis, “Designing Immersive Art Experience - an exploration of visuals and sounds -”. 


Come experience the immersive art space!

Where: MIT Building 14 (160 Memorial Dr.), 4F, Room 423
When: 4/6, 4/7, 4/8 3-6pm (for all 3 days)

Step into this small room and discover a space full of wonder!
Become immersed in sounds coming from four corners, a quadraphonic sound environment that creates a spatial sound experience. The two art frames and white screens in the room will display 'digital art' inspired by the exhibition's theme of "Ohanami". And with a swiping motion of your hand over the sensors located on the main table, the art in the room will change before your eyes.

Ohanami means "flower viewing" in Japanese; a tradition of the Japanese culture and a festive event that celebrates the beauty of cherry blossoms and springtime. It is synonymous with public picnics, where friends, families, and/or co-workers get together with food and drinks, and huddle down under the blossoming trees to party.  Though eating and drinking is prohibited here, I hope that you enjoy the digital flower viewing immersive experience!



Special Thanks to:
Prof. Ian Condry from MIT Anthropology
Tony Hu, Grace Agosto from Integrated Design and Management
Dick Samuels. Chris Pilcavage from MISTI Japan