No Such Thing as a Perfect Life

This series is an extension of the social media critique series that I began with the SAYONARA SOCIAL MEDIA kit.

These art depict how content creators often fabricate their 'social media worthy' pictures.
What we see on the walls of Instagram can be completely false, yet users are often ignorant to that fact or act indifferent to being lied to, as long as it's the Photo alteration app that's doing the lying.Influencer, depicts a social media 'influencer' literally composing a picture of a beautiful breakfast table. The irony I wanted to show was the area outside of the frame. The table is a mess. Yet, the message has something to do with having a picture perfect morning table, which to me is the same as a scam.

She Does Anything To Get Likes (added mosaic for privacy reasons), depicts an influencer in bikini composing the perfect beach day picture. The picture again is a composition, designed to make the viewers believe that the picture was taken at a resort-worthy sandy beach. The reality is, it was taken on a cold day not fit for a bikini, hence the sweatpants bottom, and it was taken at a shabby lake, not the beach.




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