KOKORO Washi Incense

I designed this Washi-paper incense and named it KOKORO.
We sold Hibi incense at Crane&Turtle, and they were a popular product. So, I contacted Trunk Design, the makers of Hibi, located in the Hyogo prefecture, and we actualized this product through collaboration.

Crane&Turtleで販売していたhibiというマッチ型のお香が大人気で、製造元である兵庫県のTrunk Designに問い合わせをして、この企画が実現しました。

Incenses are made to burn, so I was mindful of negative symbolism. I chose the heart shape because a burning heart has a positive connotation.
Take as many pieces of hearts as needed and place them on the non-flammable mat after lighting them - A piece of incense heartburns for approximately 30 seconds. I heard that a widespread use for them in America was to use them in the bathrooms. Other uses could be for a moment after eating to relax, before going to sleep, or perhaps for a meditation session. Directly hearing from the customers how they like to use it was beneficial for applying the feedback to developing more products like these.

Also, even without lighting it, it has a faint scent, so you can tear off a heart and use it as a diffuser, enclose it with a letter, put it in a drawer, or use it to your heart's content.



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