MIT IDM Group Project "Light of Plants"

This is a group project I have done at MIT IDM (Integrated Design and Management).

"Team" vs. "Group"

Some time ago, when I was discussing the difference between a 'group' and a 'team' in class, a group is "an organization consisting of multiple individuals," and a team is "a collection of individuals with the same goal." I found those definitions to be convincing.

According to that definition, group members are determined almost indiscriminately. So it was fitting for this to be classified as a "group" project, a collection of individuals with different goals and objectives for the project.

In my opinion, "team" projects often produce output that exceeds the capabilities of each individual by forming a team, whereas group projects often result in wasted time and work.

If the assignment intended to teach from such "wasteful" work and time, I strongly wish we learned it by taking other paths. That is how I felt after experiencing this assignment.

The outline of the project is this, 4-5 members will do everything from planning and designing to manufacturing and selling 50 units at the Gala held at MIT. IDM is a program that teaches not only design but also engineering and business, so producing a product will be based on design and business aspects such as efficiency in engineering, pricing, and promotion.

After spending more than necessary time exchanging opinions, our group produced an LED table lamp using acrylic plates and wood.
Thanks to Cat, a member of the same group and a popular student from MIT Sloan, the product sold out less than an hour after the Gala started. All profits were donated to Boston Rescue Mission.

MIT IDM (Integrated Design and Management)で行ったグループプロジェクトです。






必要以上に投じた意見交換の時間を経て、我々のグループはアクリル版と木材を使ったLEDテーブルランプを制作しました。同じグループメンバーであり、MIT Sloanの人気者キャサリンのおかげで製品はGala開始から1時間もしないうちに完売。利益分は全てボストンレスキューミッションに寄付しました。



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