Zen macarons

ZEN Themed Macarons

My shop, Crane&Turtle, hosted an event at Bow Zen (an annual event I organize for the Bow Market and community) and collaborated with other businesses in the Bow Market to celebrate. This macaron is the result of one of the collaborations, and with the theme of "Zen," Maca has prepared three unique flavors: matcha, milk tea, and black sesame.

These special Zen macarons, which have a Zen-style pattern inspired by a Japanese garden and a gradation print I designed on them, come in elegant colors and are cute.

These were sold in limited quantities and sold out before I knew it. So I couldn't take a picture of the box. (Sigh) Disappointing.

私のShop、Crane&Turtle主催のイベントBow Zenが開催され、記念にBow market内の他のビジネスとコラボーレーションしました。このマカロンもコラボの一つで、”禅”をテーマに、抹茶、ミルクティ、黒胡麻、と3種類のスペシャルフレーバーを用意してくれました。



Thank you❤️