Bloom Japanese Italian Restaurant

A restaurant I opened in California in 2012.

I purchased and remodeled a 2660-square-foot Italian restaurant. I was involved not only in planning and branding but also in the overall operation.
This was my second restaurant purchase and rebranding in the United States. (The first one was the Shiro Kuro restaurant) but the challenges were vastly different. Unexpected problems arose, and the operation itself, despite its improvement on the first one, never went as expected. Fortunately, after one year, I sold the restaurant for more than double the purchase price.

The experience of running two restaurants in Los Angeles was well worth it because I built many horizontal connections in the restaurant business. In addition, it helped me exit the industry and get back into doing more design-based projects.

In the first place, I intended to obtain an investor visa. I wanted to develop an extended branch of my design business in Japan for the United States. But things proved difficult. My lawyer, half-jokingly, advised me to run a restaurant, which I did, and it worked out for me to obtain an investor visa.
Restaurant management was challenging to say the least. Being in America, where I had no connections, took work. I hit various walls and had to pay a high "tuition fee" (as in life itself is the class).

However, as a result, I gained a new perspective on understanding restaurant owners' standpoints by the time I succeeded in selling the restaurant. I was now able to provide better design solutions to other restaurant owners.

In addition to designing, I could provide online solutions from the managers' perspective, such as employee education apps and iPad ordering systems, and build job search and information sites. So running a restaurant, which seemed like a detour at first, became very meaningful.


2660スクエアフィート(約750平米)の広さのイタリアンレストランを購入し、リモデルを行いました。企画、ブランディングはもちろん、運営全般に携わりました。Shiro Kuroに引き続き2店舗目となるアメリカでの飲食店経営で、一軒目の失敗を活かして今度こそ大盛況のお店を、と意気込んで開店したものの、やはりロケーションによって条件も違うので、問題となる部分も大きく異なりました。予期しない問題ばかり発生し、運営自体は決して期待通りには進みませんでした。しかし開店から1年後に、購入金額の倍額以上で店舗を売却することが出来ました。





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