Koshihikari Rice Label Design

Repackaging for casual American consumers.

The rice packages lined up on the shelves of supermarkets in the United States are often covered with bold calligraphy of Chinese characters. My impression of those designs makes them unapproachable for those who need help reading the characters. User research data revealed many opinions, such as 'English labels are more assuring' and 'The rice should be easy to cook,' so we decided to rebrand. Products sold at Wholefoods and markets alike have package designs that give the impression that the rice is easy to cook and written in English, which resonates with American consumers. On the other hand, products that lean on authenticity use design that project confidence in the taste, such as traditional Japanese products. My strategy for the new rice package focused on combining elements from both styles.
First, let's review the size. 2kg and 5kg rice (about the size of a newborn baby) could be too much for a casual American consumer, so we decided to scale it down to a 1kg size. Labels are made easier to understand by using familiar words. And the earth-tone colors create a feeling of authenticity. The illustration expresses that this Japanese rice is grown in California. Finally, the four circles in the center and the cross in the middle are part of the kanji characters, which stand for "rice."






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