Bow Market Digital Mural

Digital Mural at The Bow Market (Somerville, MA)

I turned the Bow Market in Somerville (near Boston) into an event space for these digital murals. The event ran for two nights on July 7th and 8th. The Bow Market is a destination spot for Bostonians in the know, and it's where Crane&Turtle, a select shop I've produced carrying Japanese dento kogei items, is located. I feel very fortunate to have become part of this warm community, become friends with the surrounding business owners, and have been able to do business at the Bow.

When I graduated from MIT's graduate program IDM (Integrated Design and Management) and decided it was time to leave Boston, I reluctantly had to let go of the shop at the Bow Market. But at the same time, I was again lucky to find purchasers of the shop, who were also retail shop owners with whom I've had a close relationship. So I'm happy to leave a legacy as Crane&Turtle's founder.

As a closure to my long journey in Boston, I came up with this project at the Bow Market. As my way of showing gratitude to my friends at the Bow, I created these graphics and motions and mapped the projections onto the building's walls.
The total number of projectors I used was 6; I had set up 3 short-throw projectors on the bar's roof (Union Tavern) across the main wall (Thank you so much for that, Gerry!).
On the other wall, I used a high-lumen projector by Optima. For the remaining 2 projectors, I used them on the plaza entrance wall adjacent to the bar and onto the floor/street as an experimental endeavor.

7/8と7/9の2日間、ボストンにあるBow Marketにてデジタルミューラル(デジタル壁画)のイベントを実施ました。私がプロデュースする、日本の伝統工芸品等を扱うセレクトショップCrane&TurtleがあるここBow Marketは、ボストン近郊屈指のショッピングディスティネーションで、感度の高い若者が集まるスポットです。本当に温かいコミュニティーで、周りのビジネスオーナー達ともとても仲良く出来て、ここでビジネスを出来たことは実にラッキーだったと思っています。

私がMIT大学院を卒業したことに伴い、ボストンから離れることになり、名残惜しくもBow Marketの店舗を手放す事にしました。これまた有難い事に親しくしていた小売店経営者の方にお店を購入して頂く事になり、Crane&Turtleのレガシーがボストンに残る事はファウンダーとして、とても嬉しい事です。

色々あったボストンでの時間を締めくくるべく、今回のBow Marketのプロジェクトを実施しました。お世話になったBow Marketの皆さんへのお礼も込めて、このイベントのためにグラフィックとモーションを作成し、建物の壁にプロジェクションマッピングを施しました。
使用したプロジェクターは全部で6台。一番大きい壁には、向かい側のバーの屋上から(バーオーナーのGerry, どうもありがとう!)3台のショートスローのプロジェクターを使っています。他の壁の1面にはOptomaのルーメン数の高いものを使用、残りの2台は入り口近辺のバーの壁や地面を実験的に動かしながらプロジェクションしました。

It left a lasting impression on me as many people coming to the Bow and the event stopped in their tracks and started filming with their phones. That gave me great joy and a sense of accomplishment as an artist. The film crew's footage and photos came out photogenic, too! (Thank you Amber and Aric for the AMAZING photos and videos!!)
I was initially worried about the weather, but we were blessed with a beautiful clear night for both nights. And afterward, as various media and Instagrammers started sharing their photos and videos, all the hard work that went into this event felt rewarded!



From the roof accross the street during the rehearsal | リハーサル時に向かいの屋根から撮影

Graphics made for the event | イベント用に制作したグラフィック


Thank you❤️