Yorumori Immersive Art in boketto

YORUMORI IMMERSIVE ART EXHIBITION@boketto_forest- MIKO’s immersive art exhibition in the nighttime forest “boketto” -

- MIKOのデジタルアートと夜の森bokettoの世界へ -
デジタルアートと夜の森の世界に Immerse=没入する、新しい没入型アート体験美しく幻想的なデジタルアートの世界と 夜の森が自分だけの物語へと誘う

An art experience that immerses you in the world of digital art projected onto the night forest.
This beautiful and fantastic night forest invites you on a journey into a story none other than your own.
August 11th (Fri), 12th (Sat), and 13th (Sun)



We held an immersive art exhibition at "boketto," a wonderful space nestled in the woods of Nishihara Village, Kumamoto Prefecture. The event was held over three days, allowing participants to enjoy digital art in the forest while enjoying meals at an organic restaurant and a French restaurant in boketto.The personality of the owner, Miyamoto-san, the warmth of all the staff, the modern building that blends well with nature, the delicious food, and the tasteful general store...it's a truly wonderful facility. This is a place you definitely want to visit. I am grateful to have been able to hold a digital art event in such a space.



We used 7 projectors this time. We made preparations by communicating remotely with our staff in Kumamoto and making adjustments online many times.
I created the digital art based on Kumamoto's Higo six flowers, Higo camellia, Higo peonies, Higo sasanqua, and Kumamoto's prefectural flower, the gentian. The vivid colors surprisingly match the night forest and modern buildings, creating an exciting space.

Thank you❤️