Post No Evil, Share No Evil, Follow No Evil

The Alternative Monument
“SAN ZARU” or three wise monkeys

This piece rides on the social media critique series that I began with the SAYONARA SOCIAL MEDIA kit.
I decided to create a sculpture that depicts 3 monkeys that hear/see/do no evil. I replaced their actions with Post/Share/Follow, which I believe are the 3 main actions a user can make, that allows the Social media machine to keep thriving.


Created monkeys with paper clay and painted them | 紙粘土で成形した猿達に着色 

Used special effect sprays to make the materials look like stones

Applied wax, painted cut messages to gold and ta-da! 最後にニスを塗って、メッセージ部分をカット&ゴールドに着色して配置して完成



Thank you❤️