MIT IDM holiday sales gala 2021 branding

I designed the graphics for MIT IDM holiday sales gala 2021.

Thanks to MIT IDM for the opportunity for designing the graphic again. Last gala was in the Spring and I made it with flowers to give spring vibes, and this time, made it for holiday vibes. 

The MIT IDM Holiday Gala is an event in which IDM students are divided into groups to plan, design, manufacture their own products, and then sell them. It is an annual IDM event held at the MIT Sloan School of Management until before COVID-19. Then, in 2020, it was online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but in 2021, it was in person at the MIT Media Lab.

昨年に続いて今年もMIT IDM sales galaのグラフィックを担当させて頂きました。前回は春だったので春感のでるように、そして今回はホリデーシーズンらしく仕上げました。

MIT IDM Holiday Galaとは、IDMの生徒達がグループに分かれて、企画、デザイン、製造全て自分達で行い、作ったものを販売するというイベントです。IDMの恒例イベントで、コロナ前までは毎年MIT Sloan School of Management内で行われおり、2020年はコロナ感染予防の為オンライン、そして2021年はMIT Media Labにて開催されました。

Heart shaped ornaments represent 8 groups. (btw, our group made an LED lamp)


Various size variations were produced and advertised throughout the campus.


I took a survey which color people like - 39 people answered (thank you!) and the result was absolutely even! So helpful. Lol


Thank you❤️