Mieko Matsumaru Exhibition "Lost in Graphics"

Mieko Matsumaru solo exhibition "lost in graphics" @ryubo_official 9/5 - 9/11.



My solo exhibition was held at the art gallery of RYUBO, the only department store in Okinawa. Having worked as a graphic designer for many years and recently expanded my activities as a digital artist, I focused on the aspect of "graphics," which is my origin, in creating my works. By basing my creations on commercially acclaimed graphic designs and their backgrounds, I aimed to create works that evoke a sense of nostalgia regardless of age or nationality. It was impressive to hear Japanese visitors say, "It really evokes a sense of Japanese,” while American visitors commented, "It feels like the 1920s in America." Additionally, as this was an exhibition set in Okinawa, I created works featuring Okinawan plants such as hibiscus, daygo, and bougainvillea specifically for this exhibition. I am delighted that my graphic art will be left in Okinawa through purchases by local restaurants and hotels.

So grateful for to see many visitors during the exhibition!

These are AR art, play animation and music on the screen of smart phones. (Please try with the QR code on the right down the corner)

Minsa Landscape

The Great Okinawa Gatsby

Left: Tropical Mood, Right: Tropical Bouquet

Bouganvillea and Sunshine

Laser engraved wooden cups, collab with Sansai Kobo from Kyoto

Laser engraved wooden plates, collar with Sansai kobo from Kyoto